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This is a portal to the JEDI club, created to allow Junior European Drosophila Investigators to share ideas, data, expertise and resources.

Who are the JEDIs

The JEDIs are early career scientists working on Drosophila melanogaster in Europe and having recently established their independent research group. Click here to see a list of the members and here to know more about the initiative.

Can I become a JEDI?

You don’t become a JEDI. You are born JEDI. Just kidding. If you run your own laboratory and call yourself a fly person you are welcome to join us by registering here. For now the club is open to researchers who are at early stages of their independent careers, possibly in a pre-tenure phase. Please, be aware that you will need to receive an invitation code from a JEDI to become one.

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What’s New

  1. Erik Storkebaum

    position for PhD Student available

    PhD Student (1.0 FTE) Faculty of Science Radboud University and Donders Institute Nijmegen, The Netherlands Application deadline: 29.2.2020; starting date is flexible (2020) Work environment Within the Department of Molecular Neurobiology, the Storkebaum lab combines Drosophila...