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Hey guys, the bioarxiv paper is now out (with a couple of mods thanks to tips of Jedi master Schweisguth :-)). Here’s the link: View


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thomas vaccari

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group leader


IFOM – FIRC Institute of Molecular Oncology


Milan, Italy

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Our interest is to decipher how endocytosis controls signal transduction, with particular emphasis on Notch signaling and tumor suppression


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Acidify, Fuse and Sort: uncovering how trafficking regulators suppress tumors –>
Defects in intracellular trafficking are increasingly associated to cancer. Interestingly, certain endocytic genes act as tumor suppressors in flies by preventing the formation of tumors which display several hallmarks of cancer. One of the processes conferring tumor suppressive activity to endocytic genes in flies is their ability to hold Notch signaling in check. Indeed, transduction of Notch signals is coupled to receptor trafficking and degradation in endosomes. Such coupling is lost in ESCRT mutants which display aberrant Notch signaling. Despite this, the mechanisms underlying the tumor suppressive role of trafficking remain largely unknown. We are convinced that the understanding of the endocytic mechanisms that control signaling, tissue growth and tissue architecture will lead to development of new and more effective anticancer treatments.

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20460366, 19560990, 18299346, 16256743

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Tumor suppression,
Cell growth,
Tissue architecture,

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We are always on the look for good postdocs. Send a mail if interested 🙂


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