Ugo Mayor

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Ugo Mayor

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Ikerbasque Research Professor


UPV / EHU University of the Basque Country


Bilbao, Basque Country – Spain

Research interests

Ubiquitination in neuronal development, function and disease


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Ubiquitination has essential roles in neuronal development, function and disease. Isolation of neuronal ubiquitin conjugates from living organisms has however proven difficult. We have developed a novel strategy based on the in vivo biotinylation of ubiquitin, to isolate ubiquitin conjugates from the nervous system of living transgenic animals, including invertebrates as the fruit fly, as well as vertebrates. We have so identified around a hundred ubiquitinated endogenous neuronal proteins as well as the ubiquitin carriers that are active during synaptogenesis. We could pinpoint at which development stage this occurs in vivo. Moreover, we could even resolve whether those proteins are mono or polyubiquitinated. We are now further characterizing those proteins that are ubiquitinated in the embryonic nervous system, as well as delineating the ubiquitination pathways that are involved in neuronal development and synaptogenesis.

Representative publications

Deciphering Tissue-specific Ubiquitylation by Mass Spectrometry
Methods in Molecular Biology (2012), 832 (Ch 3): 65-80.
U. Mayor and J. Peng.

A novel strategy to isolate ubiquitin conjugates reveals a wide role of ubiquitination during neural development
Mol Cell Proteomics (2011), 10(5):M110.002188
M. Franco, N.T. Seyfried, A.H. Brand, J. Peng and U. Mayor.

Research keywords

neuronal, ubiquitin, development, ageing


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