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Alexander Stark

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We are interested in how gene regulatory information is encoded in the genomic DNA sequence.

Using a combination of systematic genome-wide experiments and bioinformatics, we are aiming to understand the sequence basis of cell-type specific enhancer function, to predict expression from the sequence, and to ultimately build synthetic enhancers of defined activity.


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The regulation of gene expression in response to developmental or environmental stimuli is a crucial process in all organisms. Transcription is regulated by trans-acting transcription factors that recognize cis-regulatory DNA elements (CRMs or enhancers) and function in a combinatorial fashion. Enhancers retain their activity even when placed in artificial contexts (e.g. in reporter gene assays), but the exact requirements for enhancer function, i.e. a regulatory code, remains unknown and enhancer activity cannot be predicted from the DNA sequence.

Representative publications

22534400, 22499593, 22179591, 21478888, 20045679, 19920814, 19913403, 17994088, 17989251

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regulatory genomics, gene expression, transcription factors, computational biology, regulatory code

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