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Pedro Vale

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Group Leader


University of Edinburgh


Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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I am broadly interested in the epidemiology, ecology, and evolution of infectious disease.


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Individuals vary substantially in their responses to infection. Some of this variation is down to host genetic makeup, which affects the host’s susceptibility to infection, its ability to eliminate pathogens and clear infection, and also the capacity to tolerate the damage caused during infection. Beyond genetics, the environmental conditions experienced during infection also affect the progression and severity of infection, with implications for both the spread and evolution of disease.

We use a combination of (mostly) experimental approaches to (1) describe infection outcomes when host, pathogens, or their environments vary; and (2) test how individual variation may influence disease spread and evolution. We focus on Drosophila and their viral pathogens as a model system of infection.

Representative publications

24465177, 23407498, 23106713, 22856460, 21460572, 19455181, 18557795

Research keywords

Host-pathogen, host-parasite, infection, resistance, tolerance, virulence, superspreading, sickness behaviour.

Job openings

I am offering two PhD projects to start around September 2015:

1. Sickness behaviours: the evolutionary ecology of behaviour during infection.

2. Generating super-spreaders: testing the causes of individual variation in disease transmission

These are competitively funded positions, meaning that of all students that apply for PhD positions in the department, only the top students get funding to do their chosen project. More information about applying and funding can be found here:

Informal inquiries are welcome and should be sent to, containing a single PDF with your CV, a description of your research background and interests, and contact details of 2 references who can comment on you.

The deadline for application is 5.00pm on the 16th January 2015


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