Joseph M. Bateman

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Joseph M. Bateman

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Senior Lecturer


King's College London


United Kingdom

Research interests

Insulin/TOR signalling and mitochondrial dysfunction in the nervous system.


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The overall focus of my laboratory is to understand basic processes in neural development by identifying the key pathways and genes involved and to use this information to provide novel insight into neuropathological disease.

My research is focused on two main research areas:

1. Insulin receptor/TOR signalling in the nervous system. We are interested in how the insulin receptor/TOR signal transduction pathway controls cell fate in the Drosophila nervous system. This pathway is highly conserved and performs critical functions in both the developing and adult CNS. Aberrant activity of insulin/TOR signalling can lead to disease and so understanding how this pathway act in the CNS will provide insight into neurodevelopmental disorders and brain cancers.

2. The requirement for mitochondrial DNA in the nervous system. Mitochondria play critical roles in the generation of cellular energy, apoptosis, calcium buffering and the generation of reactive oxygen species. Mitochondria also have important functions in normal ageing. We are interested in the requirement for mitochondrial DNA in neurons and how mitochondrial DNA loss leads to neuronal dysfunction and neurodegeneration.

Representative publications

22745312, 18826960, 18505882, 15454083

Research keywords

Insulin signalling, TOR, neuronal differentiation, mitochondrial DNA.


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