Irene Miguel-Aliaga

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Irene Miguel-Aliaga

Current position

Group leader


Imperial College London, MRC Clinical Sciences Centre


London, UK

Research interests

Brain-gut signalling in Drosophila


Research activity


We are investigating the nature and significance of the signals mediating the crosstalk between the nervous and digestive systems, both during development and in the maintenance of homeostasis. By doing so, we hope to understand how our own body integrates nutritional and metabolic information to adjust internal functions and behaviour, as well as what goes wrong in metabolic conditions such as diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndrome.

Representative publications

22778427, 22248674, 22139775, 21354130, 21195352, 19446451, 18779587, 18336071, 17298176, 15537690, 15525669, 12679036

Research keywords

intestine, neuron, metabolism, physiology, homeostasis, insulin

Job openings

Postdoctoral posts available in my lab in London


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