Carlos Ribeiro

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Carlos Ribeiro

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Principal Investigator at the Champalimaud Foundation


Champalimaud Foundation


Lisbon, Portugal

Research interests

We are interested in understanding how the internal metabolic state of Drosophila affects its behavioral decisions.


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We are interested in understanding how molecular and cellular mechanisms control complex biological processes at the level of the whole organism. For this we are focusing on how the internal metabolic state of the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster affects its behavioral decisions. Starting from novel behavioral paradigms we use molecular genetic techniques to identify and characterize genes and neuronal populations involved in producing the appropriate behavioral response to a specific metabolic need of the fly. We use tissue specific whole genome behavioral RNAi screens to identify molecular processes. Neuronal substrates are identified by screening for fly lines marking neuronal populations necessary to produce correct behavioral outputs. The identified molecular mechanisms and circuits are then analyzed using quantitative behavioral observations, state of the art genetic and molecular techniques, as well as imaging approaches.

Representative publications

20471268, 18066048, 15657595, 15620646, 12015974

Research keywords

neuroscience, behavior, RNAi, metabolism, neurogenetics, imaging, tracking, decision making, nutrition


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