Hugo Stocker

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Hugo Stocker

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Group leader


ETH Zürich


Zürich, Switzerland

Research interests

We are interested in exploring mechanisms of early tumorigenesis, with a special emphasis on the roles of insulin and Hippo signaling.


Research activity


Once tumors are clinically detectable, they consist of millions of cells with heterogeneous genomes. It is thus important to learn more about the earliest stages of tumorigenesis. We use the essentially two-dimensional imaginal discs as an experimental system to follow the behavior of cell populations devoid of defined tumor suppressors. By applying various environmental conditions, we mimic features of a tumor microenvironment. We found that cells lacking the tumor suppressor Pten gain a tremendous growth advantage under nutritionally restricted conditions. The aim of our work is to explore the mechanisms rendering such cells tumorigenic.

Representative publications

22305752, 21829386, 20159600, 20149264, 19680438

Research keywords

Growth control, tumor suppression, insulin signaling, Hippo signaling, proliferation, apoptosis


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