Frank Schnorrer

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Full Name

Frank Schnorrer

Current position

Group Leader


Max Planck Insitute of Biochemistry


Munich-Martinsried, Germany

Research interests

We aim to understand how different muscles are made at the correct position in the body and how their contractile filaments are built to mediate flying, walking or mating.


Research activity


We study how Drosophila makes its muscles. We focus on transcriptions factors that set the fate of the different muscle types, the transmembrane proteins that mediate muscle tendon interactions and hence determine how muscles find the appropriate tendons, and finally we investigate how the various structural proteins built the contractile filaments, the myofibrils and sarcomeres in a muscle-type specific manner

Representative publications

22094701, 20220848, 17625558, 17488626

Research keywords

Drosophila, muscle, migration, sarcomere, transcription