Eugenia Chiappe

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Full Name

Eugenia Chiappe

Current position

Group Leader


Champalimaud Neuroscience Programe


Lisbon, Portugal

Research interests

We are interested in the link between the pattern of activity of neural networks and a fly’s behavior.


Research activity


We are interested in the relationship between the dynamics of neural networks and
animal behavior. Our research focuses on the integrative processes by which the brain
corresponds ongoing sensory signals with proceeding motor actions. Our goal is to
identify the neural representations and computational principles occurring in interacting
populations of neurons during sensorimotor tasks. In addition, we aim to describe the
mechanisms by which these neural circuit computations emerge from the biophysical
properties of neurons and synapsis

Representative publications

20655222, 20526346, 19898485

Research keywords

neural circuits, electrophysiology, optical imaging, behavior, vision, sensory systems, motor systems, sensorimtor processing, learning

Job openings

A postodoctoral and a research technician openings are available immediately. Please, contact me for more information or go to:


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