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Eduardo Moreno

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University of Bern


Bern, Switzerland

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Humans are able to detect fitness decay in other colleagues by looking at the graying of the hair or the wrinkles in their faces. Work from my laboratory in the last few years showed that cells can also detect fitness levels of neighboring cells using a molecular code. Those “fitness fingerprints” can be used to mediate cell selection by recognizing and eliminating less fit cells. We are currently studying the molecular and genetic mechanisms that drive cell selection and its consequences.


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Coexistence in crowded communities and with limited space is often not easy. Civic rules must be implemented in order to avoid extreme competitive conflicts and define appropriate social behaviors. Recent genetic research has revealed that those social problems also occur among stem cells and during development. My laboratory is interested in how cells form stable societies and how they identify dangerous or suboptimal neighbors and eliminate them. This phenomenon has been termed “cell competition” and we study it in communities of stem cells and during development in Drosophila and mice. Our interests include:
The role of cell competition to maximize stem cell fitness, delaying ageing and degeneration
Genetics of cell competition
Cell competition and cancer
Explore biomedical applications of cell competition
Evolution of multicellularity towards the creation of stable cell societies.

Representative publications

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Cancer, ageing, stem cells, genetics, cell competition, evolution, fitness, synthetic species, synthetic biology, neurogenesis, neurobiology, growth

Job openings

Applications are welcome at any time from prospective PhD students and Post-doctoral researchers. Although internal funding may be available to support positions, all applicants are strongly encouraged to seek external sources of funding.
Please send a cover letter describing your scientific achievements and interests, why you are interested in joining our group, and a CV to Eduardo Moreno (emoreno (at)