Stefano De Renzis

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Stefano De Renzis

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Group Leader




Heidelberg, Germany

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Membrane dynamics during tissue morphogenesis and differentiation


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Research in my laboratory is focused on understanding how machineries controlling intracellular trafficking are re-organized during cell and tissue morphogenesis and how this, in turn, impacts on specific cell and tissue behavior during embryonic development. We address these questions using the early Drosophila embryo as model system during cellularization and early gastrulation stages.

Using a combination of imaging, genetics and biochemical approaches we wish to identify the cell biological basis underlying the pathways controlling changes in membrane dynamics during morphogenesis. Our long-term goal is to analyse the differentiation of intracellular pathways in other cell types and tissues. We wish to elucidate how machineries controlling intracellular trafficking reorient during differentiation and how this in turn impacts on global changes in tissue morphology.

Representative publications

21988917,17456005 ,16459304

Research keywords

Morphogenesis, Membrane trafficking, Endocytosis, Notch


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