Casey Bergman

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Casey Bergman

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Senior Lecturer


University of Manchester



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The evolution and function of genomes in Drosophila


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The Bergman Lab is a small research group in the Faculty of Life Sciences at the University of Manchester working on various aspects of Drosophila genome biology. We use diverse computational methods to better understand genome structure, function and evolution. The basic rationale underlying research in the lab is that evolutionary processes have encoded functional and historical signals in genomes that can be decoded using computational and statistical methods. Using in silico techniques, we aim to infer the mechanistic and evolutionary forces that have shaped modern eukaryotic genomes over long periods of time in their natural environments. This inferential approach complements classical experimental methods in biology, and has the potential to reveal deep insights into biological processes that are not possible using in vitro or in vivo methods.

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22347367, 21150996, 17646256, 17592135, 17550304, 17134480


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