Barry Thompson

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Barry Thompson

Current position

Group Leader


Cancer Research UK – London Research Institute


London, United Kingdom

Research interests

Tissue growth and form in Drosophila


Research activity


The Epithelial Biology Lab uses Drosophila as a model organism to explore how cells co-operate to construct epithelial tissues during development and how epithelial tumours can arise. We focus on the question of how cell polarity organises the behaviour of cells within an epithelium.

We take three main approaches:

1. Genome-wide in vivo RNAi screening;

2. Live-imaging of epithelial tissue development;

3. Computational modelling of cell polarity and cell behaviour.

We aim to combine these approaches to identify molecular mechanisms responsible for organising cell polarity and cell behaviour during tissue growth and morphogenesis in epithelia. Our recent work has examined two different types of cell polarity in epithelia, apico-basal polarity and planar polarity.

Representative publications

22658591, 21245166, 20833011, 16923395

Research keywords

Drosophila, cell polarity, epithelia, apico-basal polarity, planar cell polarity, cell proliferation, Hippo signalling.

Job openings

I have two fully funded 4 year Post-doctoral fellowships available in my laboratory to start at any time.


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