Alisson M. Gontijo

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Alisson M. Gontijo

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Principal Investigator


CEDOC – Centro de Estudos de Doencas Cronicas, FCM, Universidade Nova de Lisboa


Oeiras, Portugal

Research interests

Our lab is interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms promoting organismal development, survival and reproduction in unfavorable conditions.


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In general terms, our lab is interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms promoting organismal development, survival and reproduction in unfavorable conditions. A current focus of the lab is to understand the molecular genetic mechanisms underlying how organ growth and developmental timing are coordinated in animals both in normal conditions and when damage or abnormal growth of tissues occurs during development. Towards this aim, an integrative approach is being employed to study the evolution, biology and mechanism of action of DILP8, the key insulin-like peptide coordinating growth and maturation time in Drosophila (Garelli et al., Science 2012; Colombani et al., Science 2012). By elucidating how DILP8 evolved and got integrated into a conserved growth and tissue-stress-sensing pathway, we expect to provide insights into the molecular mechanisms coordinating human organ growth and maturation during normal development and disease. In an independent project, we use Drosophila as a model to understand how repetitive-element activity is controlled in and out of the germline and how they can contribute – when de-regulated – to disease. Finally, at a more technical level, we are interested in developing new strategies and methods for the monitoring, access and alteration of cells and processes in microorganisms and small metazoans (Drosophila). In the long-term, we aspire to provide new tools for non-heritable in vivo cellular monitoring in increasingly complex metazoans and, ultimately, new avenues for therapeutic intervention in humans.

Representative publications

22556250, 21610726, 19302704, 18028313, 16258922, 15820676, 15133185, 14726019, 14563392, 12504765, 12355553, 11535552

Research keywords

Integrative biology, development, life history, physiology, growth, maturation, molecular evolution, novelty, transcription, gene regulation, chromatin, RNA, protein, germline, new methods and techniques for cellular intervention.

Job openings

We are looking for individuals with a passion for scientific work and discovery. We are interested in hearing from Postdoctoral fellows, PhD students, and more technically-oriented colleagues that would like to join our new lab at the CEDOC@IGC in Oeiras, Portugal. We offer a technically and intellectually vibrant atmosphere to produce exciting scientific discoveries in biomedicine. Individuals can team up in one of our ongoing projects and/or propose new projects of mutual interest.

If you feel like spending a great time together with other hard-working, curious and capable individuals that will be seriously (and fearlessly!) trying to unravel unknown features of living organisms, our lab could be a nice option! We welcome applications at any time. Please send, in a single PDF file, a cover letter briefly describing your previous achievements, current interests and future perspectives (2 pages max), a full CV, and contact information (name, position, email, phone) of three individuals who could provide reference letters on your behalf to “alisson.gontijo(at)”.

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