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We have recently had our annual Brain Dissection championships. The rules are simple the fastest to produce a perfect, clean fly brain is the winner. We run it as a cup, the winner of the final, Shadi Jafari a PhD student in the lab, needed 56 seconds from picking the fly up from the pad to a clean dissected brain. Hard to beat? View


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mattias alenius

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Group leader


umeå university


Umeå, sweden

Research interests

Our group is interested in the essential regulatory processes that control and maintain neuronal activity and which malfunction cause diseases like epilepsy, Alzheimer’s and ALS.


Research activity


As a model, we investigate the olfactory system, which has a simple cellular logic that is conserved from flies to humans. Our approach is to do the discoveries in the experimentally highly accessible and numerical simple fruit fly system and to establish the evolutionary conservation of the identified mechanisms in the much more elaborate mouse system. We take a multidisciplinary experimental approach, including Drosophila and mouse genomic tools, single cell approaches, behavior analysis, biochemistry and live cell imaging in combination with cryo-EM and cutting-edge neuroscience methodologies.
Several conceptually diverse projects are currently being pursued, including investigation of feedback mechanisms that balance the neuronal activity level, paracrine and autocrine signals that maintain neuronal communication level, external modulation of network function.

Research keywords

Olfaction, odorant receptors, gene regulation, olfactory sensory neurons, neuronal specification, axon guidance, nueonal activity regulation


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