Alena Krejci

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Full Name

Alena Krejci

Current position

Group leader / lecturer


University of South Bohemia, Faculty of Science AND Institute of Entomology, Czech Academy of Sciences


Ceske Budejovice (Budweis), Czech Republic

Research interests

The interplay between Notch signalling and metabolism, in development and disease.


Research activity


We are interested in Notch signalling and its interplay with cellular metabolism. We are looking for protein sensors that mediate this crosstalk, namely those sensitive to the NAD+ and NADH levels. Using cultured cells as well as Drosophila model of Notch dependent cancer-like overgrowth we would like to determine how Notch signaling is influenced by changes in cellular metabolic profile and, vice versa, how some of the metabolic genes are under the transcriptional control by the Notch pathway, thus creating a regulatory loop.

Representative publications

23300480, 23232763, 22435805, 22197833, 20610485, 19176515, 17925233 , 17545467


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