The first JEDI meeting was held from 2nd-4th September 2011, in Leysin, Switzerland at the bonelli hotel.

More than 50 JEDI arrived from all over Europe to share visions, create connections and reinforce ambitions.

The JEDI at their first meeting, Leysin, Switzerland - September 2011



  • Bart Deplancke  EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Hilde Janssens, CRG, Barcelona, Spain
  • Alex Stark  IMP, Vienna, Austria
  • Johannes Jaeger , CRG, Barcelona, Spain



-- Friday afternoon --


Mutual introduction (18 x 3min)

2.30 pm Break

2.45 pm Mutual introduction (16 x 3min)

3.45 pm Break

4 pm Mutual introduction (16 x 3min)

5 pm Formation and discussion with topic groups: Genomics, Neuro, Development (recent achievements and current challenges)

7 pm Dinner – Continued discussion within or between topic groups

9 pm KEYNOTE: Bruno Lemaitre

10 pm Bar time

-- Saturday --

9 am: Two short presentations Genomics (20 min each)

Alex Stark
Boris Adryan

Two short presentations Neuro (20 min each)

Annette Schenck
Irene Miguel-Aliaga

10.30 am Break

11 am: Two short presentations Development (20 min each)

Frank Schnorrer
Christen Mirth

Two short presentations Evo / Cancer (20 min each)

Benjamin Prud’homme
Eduardo Moreno

12.20 pm Leadership Courses for PIs and postdocs (short overview, Hilde Janssens)

12.30 pm Lunch

2 pm Hike – Discussion across groups

6 pm KEYNOTE: Alfonso Martinez-Arias

7 pm Dinner

9 pm Bar time, continued discussions

-- Sunday --

9 am KEYNOTE: Michael Boutros

10 am Report of the individual sections

11 am Founding of the Y/JEDIs and future prospects

12.30 pm Lunch and farewell

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