Who are the JEDIs?

The JEDI club was born to allow Junior European Drosophila Investigators to share ideas, expertise, and resources. This portal is a mean for the JEDIs to known each other and interact, through these pages and through the mailing list.

If you are a Junior Group Leader who recently opened their first Drosophila research laboratory, join us.

What is the JEDI manifesto?

We don't have an official manifesto quite yet but something similar is in preparation.
Most of the current ~60 JEDIs met in Switzerland on September 2011 to discuss about the initiative and found an agreement on what the JEDI group is for: enhancing interaction among young fly group leaders, of course, but also promote scientific conducts that are appropriate for a JEDI: reciprocal trust, openness in sharing idea and data, fairness and collaboration.

Who is behind this?

The JEDI club originated by a brainstorming session between Bart Deplancke and Alex Stark. In a few months the group grew to more than 60 members, spread all over Europe and working in Universities and Research Institutes. Alex and Bart are currently flanked in the organization by Giorgio Gilestro, Pavel Tomancak, Yogi Yaeger and the organizers of the next JEDI meeting in Lisbon.

Get in touch

Use the form that you find on this page to send a message to the organizers.