postdoctoral fellow position: hedgehog control of neuronal activity

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We invite applications for a postdoctoral position to join a multidisciplinary project in the Alenius group at Umeå university. Our group combines the experimental powerful Drosophila system with mouse genetics and rat neuronal cultures to investigate the fundamental mechanisms that control neuronal activity and communication. The focus of the project will be a continuation of our recent discovery that Hedgehog control neuronal activity in both Drosophila and mouse1. 2
We are now looking for a highly motivated candidate with a strong background in either Drosophila molecular biology or cell signalling to unravel the regulatory mechanisms. Additional skills in Drosophila neuroscience, imaging, and cryo-EM are considered a plus. The position involves using state of the art Drosophila genomic tools, biochemistry and live cell imaging in combination with cryo-EM and super-resolution microscopy and cutting-edge neuroscience approaches to identify the mechanisms by which hedgehog regulate neuronal activity.
Candidates are encouraged to send applications (cover letter, CV, and contact information of 3 references) to Recommended application deadline is May 15th, 2018. Reviewing of applications will start immediately until the position is filled. Openings are available immediately and the position is funded until the end of 2020.
Umeå and the Department of molecular biology: Umeå as a city has an international, welcoming and open attitude. The university and the department of molecular biology has a long standing tradition of big discoveries and is the birth place of the CRISPR/Cas9 technology. The university have several highly advanced technical platforms, including one imaging and one correlative electron microscopy platform. The Department is creative, interdisciplinary and cutting edge and you will be part of one of the strongest Drosophila research environments in Sweden.

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