A JEDI membership fee?

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Dear JEDI,
I would like to propose that the fly-jedi membership comes with a small annual fee.
I am thinking of something bit more than symbolic of around 5-10 euro per JEDI per year.
The purpose of this fee is twofold:
1. pay for the website associated costs
2. have a bit more control on the list of JEDI
3. create a small jedi fund
The amount of money that will go for the website is no much. At the moment the expenses are
- $60 (una tantum) for the basic version of the website theme prior to customization (parallelus salutation)
- $12 per year for the domain name (I paid six years so far 2011-2016)
- $120 per year for the website hosting (www.site5.com)
- ~$10 per year for daily backup of the website contents on offsite servers (amazon S3 and glacier)
This amounts to roughly 100 euro per year divided by 150 of US.
The other advantage of having a fee is that it will give each one of us the chance and duty to renew our status, doing some self assessment on our J, E, D & (ouch) I status. I believe this is needed and will solve some current and/or potential future issues.
Finally, Re: 3. It would be good to have a small amount on the side that can be used for things like wild parties involving lapdance and vodka-dispensing-quadcopters at the next JEDI meeting or, more boringly, jedi t-shirts, prizes, advertising, EDRC sponsoring, whatever.
You can express your opinion on the matter on the poll below. Be aware that as of now, running costs of the website are less than 1 Euro per person so it's really matter of how much money we should have on the side for future activities. (You need to login to vote)
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  1. Christian Bökel

    August 23, 2013

    A fee is a good idea. I vote for a tenner to add in-flight cooling to the quadrocopters.

    Also, this would cover costs even if the fee is collected via the low tech option of cash from the meeting attendees only.


  2. Antoine Guichet

    August 23, 2013

    I agree, a fee is a good idea.


  3. Frank Schnorrer

    August 23, 2013

    Barry, Alex and myself are currently discussing bank account options for a JEDi account that can be used for future meetings etc. No solution yet but hopefully to come.

  4. Arzu Celik Fuss

    August 23, 2013

    I think it is definitely a good idea.
    Unfortunately, never used any payment option other than paypal.

  5. Antonio Marco

    August 26, 2013

    I also think a fee is a good idea. I vote for a tenner with the possibility of incresing the fee as the group grows. But I must say I won’t have any problem paying 20.

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