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I am looking for candidates to take up postdoctoral positions (PhD
positions may also be available for unusually talented students) in the
López-Schier group, when it moves to Germany to the Helmholtz Zentrum
München early in 2012, for the following four research lines:

1) Develop a project on cellular mechanics during tissue regeneration
and repair, mainly applying a combination of high-end quantitative live
imaging, cell biological and genetic approaches and computer modeling.
This project is ideal for a biologist with a background in informatics, or a
physicist or an engineer. The model system of choice is the zebrafish or Drosophila.

2) Develop a project on cellular neurobiology in Drosophila. Preference will be given to candidates with experience in fly genetics or electrophysiology.

Candidates should be ambitious and independent. Recent doctorates (or
about to obtain a PhD). At least one first-author publication in a high-profile journal is a must for postdoctoral candidates.

Applications should include a letter of presentation, a CV and the names and contact information of three academic references.

Dr. Hernán López-Schier
Laboratory of Sensory Cell Biology & Organogenesis
Centre de Regulació Genòmica - PRBB
Doctor Aiguader, 88 (08003) Barcelona; Spain
TE (office): +34 93 316 0134
TE (lab): +34 93 316 0130

European Science Foundation Network "QuanTissue"

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